The $88 million Nick Foles experiment has blown up in Jacksonville's face. Luckily, they hit (presumably) a home run in the draft by picking Gardner Minshew.

Minshew, who was benched after failing to come up big for the Jaguars in London, threw the team's only touchdown in a blowout loss against Tampa today. Minshew started the second half for Jacksonville after Nick Foles had 3 consecutive drive-ending turnovers. An interception and two fumbles were enough for Coach Doug Marrone to pull the plug. Minshew also threw an interception, and the Jaguars recovered his lone fumble.

In 2019, Nick Foles is 0-4. Gardner Minshew is 4-4. You can't blame Jacksonville for going back to Foles in Week 11, but now they can be certain he's not the guy. Gardner Minshew will have made $495,000 in base salary this year. He's played better, he's got the swagger, and the fans love him. Local media speculate it's a longshot for Nick Foles to start again this season for the Jaguars.

Good for Minshew, he's got a chance to solidify himself as the guy for next year, and hopefully the next 15. Gardner has been nothing but classy during this whole affair, even calling out Jaguars fans for booing his teammate.

It seems Minshew may have saved Marrone's job, for now.

Also, there's this...


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