A 33-year-old Moses Lake man is in custody facing a wide variety of charges related to allegedly burglarizing and stealing from area beauty salons.

Kasey Hardy is accused of a variety of crimes, according to the Columbia Basin Herald:

"Grant County prosecutors charged Hardy, of Moses Lake, with first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, first-degree trafficking in stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to manufacture/deliver marijuana, second-degree possession of stolen property, possession of a dangerous weapon and third-degree malicious mischief."

Wow! All that stemming from a series of incidents involving thefts from hair salons. Last Monday, police got a call from a beauty shop owner reporting a suspicious person, Hardy. He was attempting to sell the owner of the shop a pair of hair cutting shears that he claimed were worth $350 new, but he was willing to sell for $40.  The woman thought that price was unusually low, and suspected they had been stolen. She didn't buy them and Hardy and an unidentified woman with him left.

Using a call-back number and other information from the shop owner, police located them in a hotel room. Police recognized the woman and their vehicle description from a similar report filed January 7th. In the room police found evidence of pot, meth, counterfeit money, and a gun.

Police had previously searched another hotel room occupied by Hardy on January 7th after the hotel owner reported he had broken a window in the room. During that search police found numerous salon products and equipment that later turned out to be stolen from area salons.

However, during this latest search, police were unable to locate the stolen salon items.  Police and others had taken to calling Hardy and the woman the "Hair Bandits." No word if the woman is in custody as well.