Moses Lake Police arrested a man after he carjacked a vehicle.

After the suspect carjacked a vehicle he led Police on a 45-minute high-speed chase throughout the area. Police happened upon 29-year-old Isiah Ramirez in Warden. He led them on a dangerous high-speed pursuit which was eventually suspended, due to the suspectss' perilous driving. Police felt other motorists were in danger should the pursuit continue.

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Deputies learned on Thursday that Ramirez was hiding at a home on Maple Drive.


Police set up a perimeter around the home on Maple Drive. The suspect had barricaded himself in a utility shed in the backyard. As more officers surrounded the property, Ramirez eventually surrendered without incident. He was arrested for suspicion of second-degree robbery and felony eluding.

Another person on the property was also arrested.

Moses Lake Police Department
Moses Lake Police Department

The female suspect was arrested and taken into custody for charges unrelated to the carjacking and chase.

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