I've always heard that if you get busted going over the speed limit in Montana it's a very minimal fine and John Hughes has proven that fact.

Mr. Hughes decided that he's always wanted to be in a high speed chase and so why not get one going himself. After tailgating a police cruiser for about seven blocks in order to get the attention of the deputy inside, Mr. Hughes pulled around the officer and took off -- getting up to 100 miles per hour at his peak. The cop gave chase on the interstate for the better part of an hour before Hughes' car was disabled by a spike strip. When finally confronted by the cops and asked what the whole thing was about he was quoted as saying, ""I just always wanted to do that."

Mr. Hughes was fined $1,000 after leading police on this high speed chase?

Is that a big enough fine for someone intentionally breaking the law?

What's one thing you would love to do if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble?

Below isn't the footage from the Montana chase but we thought you should enjoy some high speed chase action.


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