Pop quiz, hot shot, there's a guy on a bus, allegedly stolen in Moses Lake, and he's not gonna stop for 60 miles. What do you do? What do you do?

The above is NOT a deleted scene from the movie "Speed."

That's from YouTube, about 30 seconds worth of the end of a chase captured in Electric City, WA, some 60 miles after it began in Moses Lake earlier this morning.

Law enforcement officials say a man allegedly stole a City of Moses Lake transit bus, although the vehicle looks more like something used for Dial-A-Ride services, in downtown Moses Lake, and led police on a 60-mile trek through a chunk of central Washington, before finally being stopped, for good, in Electric City, WA.

What happened between the end in Electric City and the initial taking of the ride in Moses Lake included a Grant County Sheriff's Office deputy catching up with the bus some 21-miles away from the original Moses Lake theft location in the Soap Lake/Stratford area.

Now, with multiple units in pursuit, the chase continued from Stratford north to Coulee City. There, an awaiting Coulee City law enforcement officer had set up a spike strip that was successful in flattening one of the tires.

Completely undeterred, the driver used all of the rest of his good tires to go 15 MORE miles from Coulee City to Electric City where, after rolling over another spike strip, Cuff City provided his shackles needed for arrest on scene and subsequent transport to jail as the bus was finally disabled and the suspect was taken into custody.

No one suffered any injuries in this incident.

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