Of all the estimated 60 hours of video that is uploaded onto YouTube every minute, we’ve become most fascinated by this one minute and 23 second clip of a masseuse demonstrating a specific technique for giving a leg massage. Why? Because for some reason it’s been viewed over 260 million times, making it one of the most watched videos in YouTube’s history.

Now don’t get us wrong, massage time can be sexy time, and we all like to watch a little sexy time, but there is nothing that arousing about a balding man clinically rubbing down a woman who is only reveling the backs of her legs.

It’s as if almost 300 million viewers are stuck in a time warp back to when guys used to lock themselves in the bathroom with the Sears Catalog.  Are almost 300 million people oblivious to the fact that the Internet is like 72% actual pornography?

Contribute to the baffling view total by watching it below.