Back when Disneyland was established in 1955, Walt Disney was very clear. He wanted his employees to have a clean-cut, all-American look...and not look like crazy scraggly carny folk,  AKA "The Brad" so he established a no beards policy.

The Brad's dreams were crushed because he always dreamed of working at the Jungle Cruise ride as a tour guide and possibly filling in on weekend at Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Finally after 57 long years "The Brad's" dream is now a reality.

Disney announced that for the first time ever, park employees are now allowed to grow beards. Why? A spokeswoman said they went over the guidelines and felt, quote, "an update was appropriate at this time."

This is the third change Disney has made to their theme park dress code in the past dozen years. In 2000, they lifted a ban on mustaches, and two years ago, they started allowing women to wear skirts without pantyhose.

Ohhh Brad's gonna kill me!!

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