Scientist have been keeping a close eye on Mount Rainier lately. The seismic [of or relating to earthquakes or other vibrations of the earth and its crust] activity has been kinda of crazy from that area. I love going to the top of Mount Rainier or at least as far as I can go but, every time I do, I think of it going off or crumbling. In honestly, Rainier is one of the most dangerous in our country and definitely one of the largest.

Scientist have been researching the mountain for many years. They are in fear of it crumbling more than they are of it actually erupting. The activity from Mount Rainier s hydrothermal system will make it steamy and runny and could make it weak. Then the glaciers will melt causing it come down. The number one reason why they fear it could collapse at anytime.

 The PNSN [Pacific Northwest Seismic Network] photos below will show you some of the activity.

Screen Shot from PNSN
Screen Shot from PNSN

The seismic activity has got me a little nervous and excited at the same time. Nature is such a crazy thing. Do you think this will happen soon?

Micah Fink from the Savage Plant has amazing detail about Mount Rainier.