Not sure exactly where this idea started from, but a shout out to the Athena, OR public library for this very cool invention. Remember the age-old ice cream trike rigs we used to see here and there? This takes it beyond that.

With some help from Icicle Tricycles, and Tumbleweed Creations (for the paint and graphics) readers in Athena, OR will now have a cool way to check out books.

June 7th, the library unveiled their new Public Book Tricycle. They said they were going to take a few days riding to get used to it and master the craft, then away they will go.

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According to the library:

"We’re going to take a week or two to get used to riding this trike and then we’ll develop a schedule of book delivery and checkout throughout town. Watch for us at open swim, during community events and just pedaling around."

Not only will it allow increased service for readers, but it will also definitely call more attention to the library.  Imagine if they outfitted it with a freezer full of push pops as well!


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