So many free music downloads, so little time. There’s certainly a lot of great music being given away these days on, but who has the time to track it all down? We do! Each and every week, scours the site for the latest in alternative and indie music downloads, then compiles it all in one place. The results are what you have laid out for you below —’s guide to the best free alternative music downloads on

Slam Donahue, ‘I Turn On’ [Download]

This Brooklyn pop trio surely will earn plenty of MGMT comparisons with this proggy number full of grand gestures and turn-on-a-dime dynamics, which surely succeeds in its implicit goal: to get people on the dance floor.

I See Hawks In L.A., ‘Spirit of Death’ [Download]

Is it rare to spot hawks in City of Angels? Or rarer still to find a country rock band that can churn out gorgeous gems like this one, which manages to live up to its name?

Fang Island, ‘Sisterly’ [Download]

Providence’s Fang Island should be on the radio with this relentless, riff-heavy clarion call of a rock jam that hits like a tidal wave.

Russian Circles, ‘Mladek’ [Download]

This track from the Chicago instrumental post-punk trio’s 2011 release ‘Empros’ meshes ambient atmospherics, math-rock precision and manic metal into nearly eight minutes of epic mind melt.

Marriages, ‘Ride in My Place’ [Download]

This Red Sparrowes offshoot (featuring all members of the band) sounds like it’s making things up on the spot — in a good way. Think Bardo Pond lamming with Queens of the Stone Age after popping a couple Xanax and you’re halfway there.