Wherever there's a successful musician, you can bet an autograph hound is close behind looking to snag signatures to sell on eBay.

Dave Grohl doesn’t sign for autograph hounds anymore. If you search YouTube, you can find these signature-seeking pests swarming Grohl at an airport, eventually getting the Foo Fighters frontman to sign damn near 100 autographs. However, Grohl recently gave a group of autograph hounds a talking to before hilariously running away without signing anything.

Some artists will broker deals with autograph hounds, accepting some loose cash in exchange for signing photos or pieces of vinyl. Ted Nugent got into an interesting back-and-forth outside an airport, refusing to sign five autographs for $200, offering $200 for three instead. When another hound said, “Four albums for $20,” Nugent immediately replied, “You are a c—ksucker.”

Not all autograph seekers are eBay demons! When Roger Waters signed some autographs for fans on the street, a lovely fan profusely thanked the musician for taking the time. Right behind him, though, was a hound who asked Waters to sign a baseball, or as Waters called it, “the dreaded baseball.”

Check out this compilation of Musicians vs. Autograph Hounds in the Loud List below.

Musicians Refusing to Sign for Greedy Autograph Hounds

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