I have been working the Benton Franklin fair for over 10 years, so I know the best places to go for food. Here is a small list of the best foods I think you should try this week.

  • 1


    They have the biggest selection of BBQ at the fair and they are one of the best places for turkey legs! They have everything from huge french fry bricks to burgers to Tri-Tip sndwiches. It is a must stop if your hungry!

    credit Heath Brewster
  • 2

    Fresh Lemonade

    There are lots of places to get fresh squeezed lemonade but only one is my favorite. They make their lemonade with real sweet water and squeezed lemons. It is near the wine bar across from our Scaregrounds booth! They also have great Tri-Tip sandwiches.

    credit Heath Brewster
  • 3

    Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

    If you have never had a bacon wrapped hot dog and you love bacon...you haven't lived! You can find fresh bacon hot dogs on the second food row from the entrance about half way down on your left.

    credit Heath Brewster
  • 4

    Real Ice Cream

    Everyone knows the best place to get ice cream at the fair is the Knights of Columbus booth near the main concert stage. I personally think they have the best tasting ice cream, the cones are handmade, and they have the most flavors. Definitely the best!

    credit Heath Brewster
  • 5

    Funnel Cakes

    There are a few places to get funnel cakes and they are all good. The easiest one to find is on the first isle on the corner near the first big exhibit building.

    credit Heath Brewster
  • 6

    Elephant Ears

    The best place to get Elephant Ears of Fry Bread is back by all the Youth Organization Food booths. You know your in the right place because you get your Elephant Ear in a plastic white bag, but its amazing!

  • 7

    German Sausage

    The best sausage place is on the first isle from the entrance just past the Lemonade place I told you about for number 2. If you like German Sausage or Polish Dogs with fresh fried onions, this is the place for you!