The title of the TLC show ‘My Strange Addictions’ pretty much gives away the fact that things are going to get really weird during its half hour.

So we weren’t even all that shocked when 27-year old Nathaniel copped to having an uncontrollable urge to make sweet, sweet love to his 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, which he had named Chase.

However the show was still able to up the cringe factor to 11 by having Nathaniel confess his paraphilia, including the gory details of ‘rubbing’ and ‘masturbation,’ to his father.

Pops took it well, in demeanor, although you can tell he was hurting. He blamed himself. He hadn’t been around enough when Nate was a boy, and those baseball catches they never had may have pushed his flesh and blood to seek erotic release in the curves of a two door American coup. Nathaniel told Dad not to be to hard on himself. It wasn’t his fault. The two — who had been estranged in the past — seemed to become closer as a result of confession.

After the touching moment, Nathaniel couldn’t resist the urge to stick his own dipstick into the car’s oil reserve.