Memorial Day Weekend is kind of the kickoff to the camping/bbqing/boating and anything else you do over the summer months and outdoor backyard games are a must. So I guess you could say this weekend is the official kick-off to the backyard gaming season. That's why someone thought it would be genius to nominate this week as Backyard Games Week.

Here are some of my favorite drinki... I mean backyard games that I enjoy each and every summer.


Cups(Stick's N Cups) - This game consists of 4 skinny sticks such as PVC pipes stuck into the ground with 'Red Solo Cups' turned upside down on top of the poles. Then the fun begins as each team tosses a frisbee to see which team can knock off the cups and get the most points. There are different types of rules so check with your league official.

Washers the Game

Washers(Washo) -I love this game because it again has to do with aim and teamwork. You can also play the game as a solo without a partner but it's funner when you have someone to blame your mistakes on. I suggest putting either money or how many beers the losing team needs to chug on the line so the competitive spirit stays throughout the game.



Ladder Ball


Ladder Ball - This is a newer game that I just picked up last year and it's addicting. It's a perfect game for the whole family and fits pretty much anywhere in the camper when heading out for the weekend.


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