Agriculture and federal spending allowed the Mid Columbia to weather the recession nicely, but one Oregon town fared even better than its neighbors and just keeps winning new development.

Boardman, Oregon, home to one of the "ports" along the Columbia River, is seeing new development after another. During the recession it was the only northeast Oregon community to actually see job growth.

1) It was recently chosen as the site of a new biofuel refinery to turn dairy waste into electricity!

2) Conagra chose Boardman for a new Lamb-Weston processing facility to make hash browns and other potato products. It will hire at least 50 people.

3) A Portland-based energy company went belly-up building a natural gas power plant in Boardman, but once the bankruptcy is resolved, construction is expected to resume.

4) And don't forget about the NATIONAL attention it received early in 2016 for hosting one of the final, and biggest, "Mythbusters" episodes.