Take a glimpse at something that will take the NFL Game Day experience to a level that boggles the mind. This state-of-the-art Oculus double-sided video board being installed at the new NFL stadium in Inglewood, CA, SoFi Stadium, the future crib for both the Rams and Chargers, is nothing short of jaw dropping. Take a look:


SoFi Stadium, with its transparent roof, will house the first ever 4k HDR video system in a stadium. The video board is 120-yards-long with 4k end-to-end video production and is the only two-sided oval center-hung video board in an NFL stadium. It will dwarf the board at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, and bypass the 360-degree innovative oval video board at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, which only displays indoors, nothing outside.

This Oculus operation has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. The double-sided screens have 80 million pixels collectively with at least 260 speakers carrying all of the audio plus 56 5G antennae housed throughout the Hollywood Park campus.

Every face/display can be uniquely programmed with live content, statistics or animated content as a crew of 80-85 people will be specifically hired to pull off a dual-sided display so that no matter where the fan sits in the stadium, they will have a video surface in front of them.

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Currently Oculus weighs one million pounds. It'll top out at 2.2 million pounds or 1000 metric tons upon completion. Forty-three trucks shipped the display to the stadium and soon it will all come together to provide a groundbreaking video experience quite frankly you'd expect from Hollywood. It is scheduled to be ready when/if the NFL decides to play this year and the venue will host Super Bowl 56 in February 2022.

For years now, many NFL fans who do love the stadium experience, seem to be staying away more and more with every passing season because they say it's just better to watch a game from home. Oculus plans on changing that.

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Virtual Reality (VR) technology played a huge role for developers and programmers to understand the best way to deliver the same quality content of images, montages and replay packages to every seating section proportionately.

A much deeper dive including sweet shots of the now almost finished stadium can be found here.

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