If you're like me, you wanna rep your team every week. If you're like me, you probably don't have $200 to spend every time the Seahawks have a break-out player or first round pick. 

I found a subscription on Instagram that lets fans wear a different jersey every game. For less than $20 a month, the company will send you a new jersey every time you wanna swap. Did you hold off on an Eddie Lacy jersey because you thought he may not have the break-out season you hoped? With Rep the Squad, when you're done with a jersey, you mail it back and they send you a new one that week.

Pete Christensen
Pete Christensen

Don't wanna wear your Kearse jersey after the trade? Swap it out for a Steve Largent, Walter Jones, or Color Rush Russell Wilson. When you get a new favorite player to follow, you can rep their gear without paying $200.

So far, the site only carries Seahawks, 49ers, and Lions jerseys.

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