As it sits, the Seattle Seahawks have four prime-time games scheduled for the 2014 NFL season. Only their match-up with Green Bay will be at home.


Per ProFootballTalk: "According to a league source, the NFL was wary of putting Seahawks home games on in prime-time due to their track record of blowouts in nationally televised games played in Seattle the last several seasons."

This is with good reason. The last three times Seattle has had a prime-time match-up at home, the games have been disastrously one-sided. The Seahawks destroyed the divisional-rival 49ers 42-13 and 29-3 in Sunday night games over the last two seasons. Seattle also beat the New Orleans Saints 34-7 on Monday night in December. These match-ups were "can't miss" games for national television.

Seahawks fans rightfully enjoyed those outcomes, but these hyped match-ups certainly disappointed national audiences. (Especially that Super Bowl.)

There you go.