Football fans are known for their intensity, especially during a big rivalry game. The Pro Bowl is not one of those games. The NFL's all-star contest, pitting the NFC vs. the AFC, is nearly universally regarded as awful, poorly attended and non-competitive. What possible reason would fans have to start a fist-throwing, face-punching, over-the-wall falling brawl during the Pro Bowl? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

We're guessing beer sales and pumping LMFAO through the stadium's sound system didn't help matters. The fan in the Andre Johnson (#80) jersey seems to be the first to throw down, connecting often before he is dumped over the side and onto the field. Other dudes in Tim Tebow (#15), Brett Favre (#4) and Hines Ward (#86) jerseys also become partially involved. It's like cosplay for NFL fans!

Also, a man with an Aaron Brooks (#2) jersey throws a combatant over the wall. The move wasn't impressive, but wearing the jersey? AMAZING. Aaron Brooks played in the NFL for seven seasons. With a 38-52 lifetime record as a starter, Brooks was always fortunate to have his own jersey, much less have fans wearing them.

For what it's worth, the NFC trounced the AFC, 62-35.