We met Samantha Gordon last week, when a highlight video of the nine-year-old dominating her otherwise all-boy football league went viral.

The folks at NFL GameDay were just as blown away as we were with her smooth moves, and invited her to be on Sunday's show.

Her appearance began with Steve Mariucci breaking down Samantha's now famous tape. The former San Francisco 49er coach enthusiastically praised the elementary school student from Utah but that wasn't even the highlight of Sam's day.

The gang asked if Samantha like offense or defense better, and she said she liked defense because of the tackling. However, she next showed her prowess with the ball by "juking" former All-Pro lineman Warren Sapp not once, but twice.

Finally, she got her chance to prove her defensive skill by tackling Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk. The former Ram looked worried when Sam began to line him up, and he had good reason to be as she eventually felled him with a mighty blow.

Despite her youth league dominance, it's a long shot that Samantha will ever make it to the NFL. But at least now she will always have this tape of her squaring off against a couple of NFL legends. Check out the cute video below.