It’s almost here! Florida metallers Nonpoint have wrapped on their record sessions for the band’s yet untitled seventh studio album, with the array of heavy sounds currently being mixed.

Nonpoint singer Elias Soriano thrilled fans with the news via his official Facebook page. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE RECORD IS TRACKED!!!!! We have moved into the mixing process. Thank you for all your love, support and comments through this process. You have showed us that we have the best reason to never stop writing and recording records. YOU. Thank you for everything.”

Nonpoint recently announced a new lineup in toe, featuring longtime band members Elias Soriano (vocals) and Robb Rivera (drums), plus new additions Adam Wolosyzn (bass), Dave Lizzio (guitar) and Rasheed Thomas (guitar).

Soriano explains how writing for the new album had been a prolific experience. “From day one, the new writing process has been full of great ideas and open minds, and now adding Johnny K into the formula has Robb and I very excited,” Soriano says in an official statement. “After listening to the demos, Johnny K said, “It’s easy to find someone to play guitar for a band. It’s hard to accomplish what you have by finding Dave, Rasheed and Adam, and that’s finding people who can write amazing riffs.” From that point on I knew: This new lineup and record will be epic in the chronicle of Nonpoint.”

Nonpoint’s upcoming seventh studio album is expected to drop in late 2012.