A woman who offers a popular dog and pet grooming service took to social media Thursday to let people know she was NOT the same Lisa Cross busted for drug use and evading police.

Kennewick police reported Wednesday morning, they received a report of a woman acting suspiciously near 14th. and Washington streets. Shortly afterward when police units arrived the suspect was seen driving away.

When she was pulled over, 41-year-old Lisa Cross fled the scene but was apprehended a short distance away. She had drugs on her possession, and is facing those charges, as well as resisting arrest and trespassing.

However, Thursday, the 'other' Lisa Cross took to the KPD Facebook page to report she was NOT the person in question who was arrested. Lisa Cross operates the popular Spotted Dog Grooming Service, said on her Facebook post her phone began to blow up when the 41-year-old Cross was arrested.  She put a post on the KPD Facebook entry, saying in part she felt she needed to come forward and let everyone know it was not her. She also said, she was "truly sorry for this woman's hardship, and pray for her to seek the help she needs to live a better life."

Lisa Cross, the dog groomer (Facebook)
Lisa Cross, the dog groomer (Facebook)

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