Seattle police are looking for a woman who did an amazing job impersonating a nurse while stealing medication from patients.

The woman entered Swedish Medical Center on April 13 and made numerous attempts to steal pain medicines -- in the IVs -- from patient rooms.

Authorities say the woman walked right in through the front doors posing as a staff member. She reportedly entered at least three rooms and attempted to cut the lines leading from IVs into patients' arms. In the end, she was unsuccessful at obtaining powerful narcotics. She left the hospital after one of the Patient Administered Pain Control machines went off and sounded an alarm.

She even entered a room where a family was visiting a patient. After she left, staff noticed blood dripping from the patient's arm from where the needle had come loose after the imposter tried to take the medicine.

What has alarmed hospital officials is that in the brief conversations the woman had with patients, she was able to accurately answer a few medical questions that only someone with a distinct level of medical training would know! Officials were so confused they did not report the incident to police until four days after it happened.