Tripping a ref because he missed what you thought was a foul? That's a bit much.


Sunday evening, Oregon State was tied with Utah at 52 with less than three minutes left, when OSU player Jamal Reid stole the ball from Utah's Jacob Poelti. As Reid drove to the basket, Poelti appeared to lunge at Reid in an attempt to get the ball back appeared to bump the Beaver player, causing him to fall and lose the ball.

But no call came from the officials. Reid apparently made eye contact with Referee Tommy Nunez, then stuck out his leg, sending the ref tumbling to the court. Reid received what's called a Flagrant 2 foul, which means an automatic ejection. Utah made the resulting free throw, putting them up 53-52, then after receiving the ball, scored to make it 55-52. They never looked back, and ended up winning 59-53.

Utah players and coaches said Reid's tripping the official was something they'd never seen in a game, but it did provide a spark and swung momentum as the Utes took control.

According to OSU Coach Wayne Tinkle, he didn't see the infraction and Reid swears he didn't do it. But officials said it was blatant and intentional.

Oregon State fell to 2-3 in PAC-12 play, tied with-yes-Utah.

UPDATE-    Pac12 and OSU officials announced Tuesday Reid has been suspended for at least the next four games for the tripping incident. According to Northwest Cable News:

"I'm well aware that my actions not only embarrassed my family, but also the university and the Oregon State basketball program," Reid said in a statement. "I was not raised to act in that manner that was displayed on that play. I'm well aware that I made a mistake that has damaged my image. My actions are inexcusable and I am willing to accept any and all consequences that are to follow."

Coach Wayne Tinkle said Reid's conduct over the next two weeks will determine if additional discipline will be taken."

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