Digital signs are up warning motorists of a pending road closure on S. Irving St. in Kennwick beginning Monday, February 1, 2021.

As you enter the Creekstone subdivision, after turning off of 10th Ave. to head south on S. Irving St., drivers will see a sign at the first roundabout they come to (12th Ave) that says S. Irving St. will be closed beginning on Monday. That same message is displayed on another digital sign at the roundabout further south on S. Irving St. at 18th Ave.

City of Kennewick
City of Kennewick

A quick phone call to the City of Kennewick got some clarification on what's going to happen. The road closure is necessary for the progression in the latest phase of the Kellogg and 18th reservoir replacement project.

S. Irving St. will be closed for approximately a week beginning Monday February 1, 2021 between 18th Ave and Creekstone Drive.

This Capital Improvement Project involves a new access road to the site, relocation of two transmission mains across the site, construction of a new 6 million gallon concrete reservoir, installation of a new 30-inch inlet/outlet pipeline, construction of a new pumping station, an onsite overflow detention basin, demolition of both existing reservoirs and finally re-landscaping of areas impacted on the park site.

The contractor has successfully installed both offsite discharge pipelines and fully excavated the new reservoir location. The contractor will be working on constructing the new reservoir through the end of 2021. A new reservoir inlet/outlet pipeline will be installed across the adjacent park by the end of March this year.

Construction of a new pumping station will be performed during the summer of 2021. De-construction of the existing concrete reservoir will occur near the end of this project in early 2022.

The total cost of the project is just over $15 million and the whole spread should be ready for ribbon cutting in July of 2022.

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