The heart of Pasco has some of the most unique yards I’ve ever seen. Every town has people installing waterfalls, flowers, patios, etc. Pasco has waterfalls, flowers, patios and other features that stand out and make you say, “I wonder who lives THERE!?”

Check out the photos of some places I drove past while running errands on Friday. Two of the homes are on 20th and have waterfalls I’ve always thought were interesting. The one with the jars reminds me of Winnie the Pooh’s nightmare in the Disney flick. The one with the cascading waterfall reminds me of Gunsmoke for some reason. Maybe it’s the hand-laid rock wall by the garden. Maybe it’s the grill on the gazebo with the chimney pipe coming out the side. It couldn’t be the antique iron plows.

The home with the red roof has a door with carved zodiac symbols flanked on both sides by gold statues of Spanish soldiers. The other homes were just interesting. Does your neighborhood have some interesting yards? What yard in Pasco do you think has the most character?