This is a story I have nightmares about...a home invasion in broad daylight while the homeowners are present and it happened yesterday in Pasco WA.

Homeowner arrived home after work at around 5:30 p.m. left his front door open as he was planning to run to the store but 1st said Hello to his daughter who was cooking dinner and went to check on his ill dog... as he was getting ready to exit his home...BAM home intruder and alleged car thief was in his home in BROAD DAYLIGHT.....WOW I would have wet myself!  I'm happy to say the man was promptly arrested by the Pasco police without incident.

Here's how it all went down according to his post on Facebook! I'm not posting his name for security reasons! LOCK YOUR DOOR!

So… I came home from work… No One but me parked in front of my home…. Take my things into my home, closing the big front gate behind me… closing my screen door as I walk in…Leaving big main door open as I was going to go directly back out to the store. Walked in through the dining room, out through the kitchen… (say hi to my daughter who was cooking dinner) … on out through the back slider to check on my dog Chief, who has been kind of puny for a few days. Come back into the kitchen, let my daughter know that I am going to the store to pick up some wet dog food to entice Chief to eat a little more. As I enter the dining room on my way through the house to go back out to my truck…. Dude is in the foyer heading towards the back of the house, hands in his jacket… not responding to “How did You Get in Here”?... “Who the F&^k Are You”. “Who Do You Know Here” etc. Got between him and the door and instructed my daughter to call 911… Dude started getting real nervous…Blocked his path… Snapped a few photos,.. (he did not like that)..Told him to take his hands out of his pocket or I would take him down….Pasco PD Showed up rather promptly… as they were coming in, I noticed a Red SUV parked right behind my truck… Long story short,.. Red SUV had been stolen ten minutes before dude showed up at my place.. One of the same responding officers was working that case when he got the call that an intruder was “being held by the homeowner” in my home. LESSONS… Keep Your Doors Locked!... Have A Plan, (Protection)… REMEMBER…. If it can happen in My Home… In Broad Daylight… It Can Happen To Anyone… Anytime….. Thanks Again Pasco PD for the quick response… This , For Sure could have had a very different outcome if not for your quick response

Here's the update from Pasco PD!!!


Stacy Lee