Pasco Police have now released images from a dramatic crash and fire at a roundabout that an officer helped put out the fire.

Around 11PM Saturday at the roundabout of El Paso and Madison (NW of Road 44 and Argent) an officer was called out about a Toyota Highlander crashed through the roundabout and set the vegetation on fire.

Previously a caller in a nearby neighborhood called to say the vehicle had crashed into his basketball hoop and a parked car before fleeing. The officer at the roundabout said the exhaust from the SUV ignited the dry rush and began to engulf the vehicle. However, the driver had fled.

The initial responding officer and others were able to beat back the fire, Pasco Fire crews finished the job. These images show the officer responding, from body and car cameras.

39-year-old Juan M. Aguirre Lucero is now in jail, he was located and arrested on probable cause. The roundabout was completely destroyed as was the SUV. Even the concrete work has to be redone. He was spotted near the accident scene, urinating on the sidewalk. He's now facing a wide variety of charges, obviously!


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