I remember a time when cars rolled off the production line with meat under the hood. Not anymore.


Wednesday around noon, Sergeant Warren of the Pasco Police Department was on patrol near Sylvester and 14th Ave. Two Hondas pulled up eastbound (going the opposite way of the Sergeant) at the stoplight like they were going to race.

"The other Honda looked like it was borrowed from Mom and didn’t know what it was doing in a race."


As Pasco PD said in their report, the two cars "heaved forward" and took off. One of them had steel wheels and aftermarket headlights, it was obviously faster. As Pasco Police put it:

"The other Honda looked like it was borrowed from Mom and didn’t know what it was doing in a race."

Both vehicle went racing off, Sergeant Warren pulled a u-turn and began to pursue the faster Honda. The "mom" care wisely pulled over a short distance later, but Warren chased the other "Wish" Honda as PD called it, north on 12th into a residential neighborhood that leads towards Pasco High School.

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Sergeant Warren called off the pursuit due to safety concerns, but Pasco PD had a field day with that driver:

  "Who was driving? Was it the Wish-edition Vin Diesel? The Dollar-Store Paul Walker? Did it have stickers on the far side of the car to make it faster? So many questions. If you can help Sergeant Warren answer any of those questions, you are urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Sergeant warren at warrens@pasco-wa.gov about case 21-34765 Eluding."

It seems these days kids and their little tiny engine displacement wind-up cars are tearing around like they know what they're doing.

Probably wouldn't be able to handle the horsepower of an Oldsmobile 442, or a Nova, or Chevelle, or Camaro. Throw in a Mustang (60's-70's) and you have real muscle cars.

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