Pasco Police is looking for a "Missed Connection" and perhaps you can help reunite these two "lovebirds".

Pasco Police posted a "Missed Connection" on their Facebook page and they are hoping you can find them their "Missed Connection" - Here is how the story unfolded.

MISSED CONNECTIONS: I saw you Wednesday at sundown, driving on Pearl toward 20th. Our eyes locked. I felt the tension between us. I really wanted us to meet but alas, it wasn’t in the cards, for now. You were driving the blue Lincoln. I was in the blue Ford Explorer that said “Pasco Police” on it. I turned around so we could meet but fate, or you, decided against it.

You ignored my lights, then my siren, playing hard-to-get. You continued onto I-182 with me pursuing you. You brake-checked me twice and my heart leapt that we may meet, but then you drove off again, you tease.

I followed you for as long as I was able, still hoping you would change your mind, but you didn’t. You continued on with your journey into Benton County, continued on after I turned off my lights and sirens and exited the freeway.

Little did I know you were alleged to have just assaulted your pregnant girlfriend and wouldn’t let her leave where you were staying. Little did I know there was a protective order in place preventing you from being around her. Such an interesting person. You have layers, like an onion or an ogre. Had I known that at the time, things may have been different between us.

Pasco Police are interested in locating Elias Junior Sanchez, (DOB 2/8/1980) for allegedly violating a No Contact Order, assaulting his girlfriend, holding her against her will, and eluding police vehicles. The blue Lincoln has already been located, without him.

If you know Elias, or “Junior” as he sometimes is called, please let the Pasco Police know  at (509)545-3421 or email the despondent and lonely Officer Kevin Frantz, who desperately wants to meet Junior, about case

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