Pasco Police are on the hunt for a porch pirate that nabbed a box from the 6000 block of Road 76.

I'm still a fan of leaving a box of horse manure on your porch to get these porch pirates that troll our neighborhoods but one Pasco porch pirate won't be happy with his newest booty!

credit: pasco police department
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Pasco Police reported on their Facebook page that they are searching for a porch pirate who thought he got a great bounty and will soon be going to jail for stealing a box containing hard floor cleaner and Nature’s Miracle laundry boost.

credit: pasco police department

Pasco did a post on the theft with their usual fun commentary:

AAARRRR, MATEY, ‘TIS ANOTHER PORCH PIRATE! This one is extra slippery, because he cleverly stole of box containing hard floor cleaner and Nature’s Miracle laundry boost. While we are not ALL detectives over here at Pasco PD, we are still willing to bet that he did not know what was inside the box. #whatsinthebox?

He committed his impulsive act of thievery on Wednesday, 022421, at about 1:15 PM on the 6000-block of Road 76. He is described as wearing a black or dark blue faded hoodie, blue Adidas backpack, sweats, and a mask.

Anyone with info about this pernicious porch purloiner is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Justin Greenhalgh about case 21-05214 Theft.

I'm not sure why these jerks roam the streets of the Tri-Cities and I wish we'd have stronger penalties for mail theft but I like when karma gets them. I'm still a fan of a box of decoy manure to keep porch pirates at bay but if you do know anything about this particular case, please reach out to the Pasco Police Department.

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