Citizens of Pendleton...You asked for it and here it is! Let the Lip Sync Challenge begin...Hermiston PD...You're it!!!! #lipsynchallenge #ppdofficersnailedit

We've gotten some great feedback and also a lot of agencies that require a FORMAL challenge request! Come on LaGrande PD, Grant County SO, Tribal PD, UCSO, Pasco, Walla Walla....!! We know you want to!!

I was unaware the citizens of Pendleton were so vehement in demanding their police force get with the proverbial program.

My favorite comment in the thread below the video:

So this is why it takes so long when you get stopped and they ask for your license and registration then go back to their cars.

Well played, young lady.

Seattle PD has answered the call here.

This is a pretty new trender and it looks like it all started in Corinth, Texas but really took off when the Norfolk, Virginia police department did their thing.

Other police departments, uh, your (sweet & sexy) move?

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