My Husband and I stopped by Frankenburger Fry Lab the other night to try it out...WOW I was blown away...By far the Best burger I've EVER had...

I ordered the #7 and it was so delicious and  This burger features a house made patty that is a 70% ground beef and 30% ground bacon, house made bacon aioli, blue cheese crumbles, house made barbecue sauce, and fried onion crisps. It's uniquely ours and it's delicious!

We have 2 burgers that feature this type of patty, but take note, your burger will look pink inside due to the pork content.

My Hubby ordered the #5 which had pineapple and wasabi it was also amazing! Let's talk Franken Fry's they were a mix of crinkle cut,regular,curly and tater tots... and you just can't beat the homemade sauces...

Two burgers, fry's and soda's set us back $25 and was well worth it!!

 Located at 1022 N Columbia Center Blvd Kennewick, Washington

(509) 579-0292 Hours are 11:00AM - 8:00PM

 Here are the actual burgers we had (Sorry for Half eaten Picture) couldn't help myself!!