Great topic for breaking the ice: if you could pick only one super power, invisibility or flying, which would it be?Being invisible would be 20 down on my list.

Top of my list: Flying -- but depends on how fast I could fly. 30 mph? Or the speed of light? 30 mph isn't that cool. 1,000 mph? I would choose flying. I'm also worried about crashing. I don't want to fly at all if there's a risk of it being dangerous. If I crashed at 1,000 mph there would be nothing left of me. I'd splatter all over the pavement. So indestructibility must be included.

Now that I think of it, I wouldn't fly "to" somewhere. I'd just fly and stop and see whatever was cool. But first, I'd want to test how high I could fly.

Second choice is super speed like The Flash or Superman. Again, I want to go 1000 mph with total safety. Next would be mental powers -- the ability to control and move things with my mind. When I think of the most powerful super hero besides Superman, it's Professor Xavier from the X-Men. Who needs to fly or go fast if you put in your boss's mind that you're already at work!?

Way down the list is invisibility. I don't see a lot of uses for it. You want to see naked girls? X-ray vision. I'm not a sneaky observer kind of guy. I enjoy watching people, but I don't have to be invisible to do that. Also, whenever any kind of super hero story includes someone who's invisible, he ends up getting burned, then he's not invisible anymore. Waste of a super power.

My third option is coming back from the dead. In other words, you can't kill me -- like the hot girl on "Heroes." Throw yourself off a building, impaled, crushed, burned... and she gets up like it's nothing.

Does being invisible count for your clothes? Do you need to be naked? If it turns your clothes, what about your car? Does it turn your car invisible? Why or why not? And if it's stuff you touch, why doesn't the whole planet go invisible? What's the logic of it?

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