The race for the GOP presidential nomination is heating up and now it official got a whole lot hotter (and no, for once, it doesn’t have anything to do with Herman Cain’s extracurricular activities).

A bunch of hot Libertarian “pin-up” girls have gotten together in various stages of undress to help get the word out about their man, perpetual political underdog Ron Paul. The “Pin-Up Girls for Ron Paul” 2012 calendar is officially on sale with 20% of the proceeds going towards Paul’s campaign for president.

The calendar not only features some very fetching shots of the hotties who are in favor of smaller government and bigger civil liberties, but they also lay out their political philosophies on behalf of their candidate.

Any guy who gets caught by their wife looking at this calendar and can just blame it on wanting to be “an informed voter.” How he explains being pantless is his own worry.

[Via Pin-Ups for Ron Paul]