Current Kennewick Police Department Chief Ken Hohenberg will retire from the force after more than four decades of service in February 2022, but thinking he'll just ride off into the sunset never to be heard from again is not in the cards..

Mr. Hohenberg has announced his bid to be your Port of Kennewick District 1 Commissioner later on this year. That position is currently held by Don Barnes.


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Read in depth here how things have not always gone smoothly with the Port of Kennewick's leadership since 2019, including a heated debate that sparked a complaint over how the re-development of the Vista Field project was being handled.

Go here for Hohenberg's official candidate flyer, as of this writing, he has received $18,600 in donations.

In a press release from the Committee to Elect Ken Hohenberg, a statement said, “Ken considered various ways he could continue serving his community. He ultimately decided to run for Port of Kennewick District 1 Commissioner."

Port of Kennewick
Port of Kennewick

The statement continued, "The Port’s mission, to provide and support sound economic growth opportunities to foster new business, industry and jobs, aligns perfectly with my own personal views. The Port of Kennewick is an important and vital part of the Tri-Cities. It is my hope that I can continue to serve the citizens of our community in that role, and help contribute to the Port’s growth and expansion.”

As police chief, Hohenberg has a long history of working with the port. In 2020, his department was named one of Kennewick’s 'Friends of the Port.'

The committee formed to help get him elected decrees that Hohenberg’s primary focuses would be “better stewardship of taxpayer dollars, better utilization of Port resources and enhanced relations between the Port and community partners.”

Chief Hohenberg is the city’s longest-serving employee, according to his election committee. He was selected as chief in 2003.

The primary election falls on August 3, 2021, then top two vote-getters will advance to the November 2, 2021 general election.

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