A very realistic-looking BB gun, and family concerns over a son's welfare led to a large Police response in Pasco, fortunately, it turned out to be relatively harmless.

Wednesday, shortly before noon, Officers responded to a call from a family who'd found their adult son 'passed out' in the seat of his company truck, with a handgun on his lap.

The family told Police they feared their son was suicidal and were afraid because of the weapon to try to wake him up for fear of startling him into something dangerous. They chose to all Police.

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Pasco Police were able to determine using his ID that IF he had been in possession of a firearm, he was not legally allowed to do so. A K-9, and several officers ready with non-lethal suppression weapons were called as well as a drone if necessary.

However, before they could begin to try to wake or stir the man, he began moving. After a brief discussion, the argumentative but compliant man got out and officers discovered the gun on his lap was a BB gun.

Since no crimes were committed, Police released him. They said because there was not present evidence of a clear mental health issue they were not able do an involuntary mental health hold.

The family told officers they would pursue other mental health assistance options. What appeared to be a dicey situation was fortunately resolved, hoping the man gets the help he needs.


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