Now that pot is legal in Washington and Colorado,  officials are cautioning parents not to let their children have "home-made" candy, and to watch out for what are called "cannabis sweets."

Cannabis Sweets are marijuana laced candies that are being sold in pot stores in Colorado and Washington state.  Now that pot is legal,  officials say THC laden candies are a potential threat this Halloween.  But it's not just specific pot-store candy, as other types can be laced with marijuana.

In fact, Denver police have posted an informational video on their website and Facebook, and are handing out literature to parents instructing what to look for in their children's candy.

Officials say just about any kind of candy, from Skittles to Hershey bars can be turned into cannabis sweets with little effort.   According to NW Cable News:

"Most any kind of candy from Hershey bars to Skittles can be turned into cannabis sweets, according to police. The Denver Police Department is taking the concern so seriously that it has produced a video showing how the drug candies and standard candies look the same. Critics call the concerns fear-mongering, saying there's no evidence to suggest this will be an issue. But police say parents should err on the side of safety.

Just like too much candy, THC can make a child sick. Seattle police have long advised against people distributing home-made candies."

Officials say anyone who comes across such candy should bring any and all evidence to authorities, and try to track where they got the treats from.   Incidents such as this, say police, will be treated at criminal acts subject to prosecution.

The best advice?  Don't home-made candy unless you know the source, and don't let your kids have name-brand candy unless it's still in the original wrapper.