There are some folks who have found creative ways to protest the $30 car tabs. We're not entirely sure if that's the case here, or if the driver was trying to be clever.

41-year-old Casey Raymen was pulled over Sunday afternoon by a Kennewick Patrol officer who spotted the unusual license plate. It rang a bell with the officer, Police say a few months ago he'd stopped a different vehicle that had an almost identical plate.

Raymen, or someone, had printed this plate on "heavy duty material" according to the officer. It's some sort of attempt at a commercial 'travel' plate, but it failed.

Turns out Raymen was driving on a suspended license, he was cited and released from the scene, and is facing civil charges for the fake plate. No word if the vehicle was towed. Not sure if he was 'protesting' the car tabs in a very libertarian way, or was trying to avoid being pulled over because he was driving on suspended.

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