Eighteen years after his death, several never-before-seen photos of grunge icon Kurt Cobain are being exhibited in New York.

Famed photographer Jesse Frohman did a photo shoot with Cobain back in late 1993, just a few months before his death. The new exhibition just opened at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York.

Frohman took the candid photos at the Omni Hotel. Out of the 19 images, about half have never been shown before. In a recent interview, Frohman said the Nirvana frontman seemed very fragile. “It really shows to me the iconic rock star side that you can look up to, but also the fragile and sensitive side of him.”

What was supposed to be a leisurely four hour shoot turned into a 20 minute photo frenzy because Cobain showed up over three hours late. The photos show Cobain dressed in a leopard skin jacket, vintage air force cap and Jackie O sunglasses.

Cobain’s short life was marked by a string of memorable albums and brilliant live performances, but was also filled with turmoil and addiction. His impact on music is undeniable, and even nearly two decades after he committed suicide, his fans and friends are still affected by his passing. Friend and former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson’s recently published book ‘Letters To Kurt’ was inspired by Cobain.

See the Kurt Cobain Photos Plus Shots of the Gallery Show in NYC Here