Rainforests are truly magical.

Airbnb Magic Rainforest in Nehalem, Oregon
Carolyn via Airbnb.com/Canva

They call to mind visions of fairies and faeries flying in the air, magical spells being whispered by sages, wizards, and witches, and nights spent sleeping underneath the stars whilst the sounds of a nearby brook envelop your soul.


Did you know that there is a privately-owned rainforest near the coast of Oregon that you can actually RENT on Airbnb?

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How cool is that! The private rainforest is listed on the Airbnb Experiences site and costs $150 per night per person.

Photo by moreau tokyo on Unsplash

What can you and your guests expect to experience at this "Ceremony in the Rainforest"? Stick around, you're about to find out!

The private rainforest is located in Nehalem, Oregon, which is about a five hour drive from Yakima. The history of the town sounds like something right out of the old video game, Oregon Trail, where trains brought in goods, foods, and trade items from Portland. There was one town grocery (general store), and a bank, hotel, saloon, that whole bit. Once they built a bridge to link the townsfolk over the river, it was on and poppin', as the kids say! Businesses boomed and tourism rolled in by the masses. There are two state parks in the Nehalem area, Oswald West and Nehalem Bay State Parks.

The private (and self-claimed magical) rainforest Airbnb is located next to Nehalem Bay. The Experience contains ceremonies crafted to help you releease trauma or reconnect with your inner self. You'll stay in a creekside yurt and learn all about what goes into a ceremony ritual crafted for you (alone or with a partner) by the host, Carolyn, a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®. Check out the photo gallery below!

Visit This Magical Private-Owned Oregon Rainforest Airbnb

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