Can A.I. Help You Find the Closest Public Bathroom?

Can you trust AI to help you find the best place to "GO" to find a public bathroom, even if they have never had to go themselves?


The Best 8 Tri-Cities Public Bathrooms According to A.I.

Lately, I have been using the free A.I. app ChatGTP for different things, mostly just because I am curious. The other day I was feeling the need to go to the bathroom and I had no idea where the closest place was, so I thought to ask A.I. where the best public bathrooms in Tri-Cities were. Most of the suggestions were good, although a few just would not work at all.

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You might have not had this problem recently but sometimes it can be challenging to find a spot. The restrooms at gas stations used to be the go-to safe spot but over the last few years most won't let you use it unless you are a customer. The last 2 times I used a gas station restroom, the attendant yelled at me for not buying anything. I was hoping A.I. could save me the trouble this time. These are the 8 places A.I. told me to go....well "GO".


8 A.I. Suggested Tri-Cities Best Public Bathrooms

Are these the best public bathrooms in Tri-Cities, Washington? A.I. seems to think so.

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