A food blogger in Japan has invented a freaking brilliant way of making pancakes that is superior in nearly every way.

Let's go over everything you don't like about making pancakes:

  • messy
  • can't eat until you're done cooking for everyone else
  • standing there staring at the griddle waiting for the tops to bubble
  • always guessing on the heat level
  • boring
  • takes about 20 minutes from start to finish

Thanks to the Japanese (the people who brought us superior automobiles) there's now a new way to cook pancakes that solves these problems:

Mix the pancakes in the rice bowl, put on the lid, click it on and walk away!

Yes, it takes about 45 minutes, but do it the night before so it's ready as soon as you wake up.

Now, instead of eating a flap jack, cut yourself a slice of the mega-pancake and share with everyone else.

All you need to wash is the rice bowl and a mixing spoon. Everyone eats together. The rice cooker does all the work for you!

Add fruit, nuts, chocolate, jams, cream cheese and anything else you'd like because YES, this puts the CAKE back in pancake!

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