Rachelle Leah began her modeling career for the Ford Motor Company and made appearances on shows such as ‘The View,’ ‘Carson Daly,’ and the ‘Nick And Jessica Variety Show.’ At the age of 19, her photo was seen on a boxing website by officials at the UFC and she was hired to work as an Octagon Girl.She has appeared on numerous TV shows such as Spike’s ‘Sexiest NYC Bartenders,’ Spike TV’s ‘Women of Action’ and ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and has been on the cover of Maxim, Men’s Fitness and Playboy.

There is a strong probability that Rachelle knows some mixed martial arts moves. She probably knows enough to injure the typical guy. That’s pretty hot and also pretty reaffirming. We are strong enough in our masculinity to realize when a woman can kick our butts. We are also smart enough to know when a woman can kick another man’s butt. That is much more fun. It would be fun to date a woman that knew how to kick the crap out of another guy.

Of course, there would come a time, when we’d have to step into a situation against another man to defend a woman’s honor. Then after he beats us with our own shoe, she is more than welcome to step in. Those are tears of joy running down our cheek in honor of her hard fought victory. The tears right behind those are from when the heel of the shoe hit the bridge of the nose.

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