Stealing is stupid. Even stupider is trying to jack items from a store that time and time again delivers clean and pristine mug shots including this time, your own name on your own arm, (Maldonado) so the cops can track you down in a heartbeat. Here's the latest piece of proof:

KPD Facebook 7-27-17 Courtesy Ranch and Home
KPD Facebook 7-27-17 Courtesy Ranch and Home

Man that is a sweet shot! Handsome man, as well, too bad he's an alleged loser. Another everyday run-of-the-mill alleged loser who has to steal for whatever reason.

Maybe Tri-Cities businesses interested in security should buy their systems at Ranch and Home.

The only local surveillance shot I've seen sharper than a Ranch and Home image, was the one captured in Costco in 2013. A guy tried to swipe an expensive security camera system that was on display. The cops released the sharpest "Wanted" image I'd ever seen. It included his "Dumb and Dumber" looking mullet mug staring blankly into the camera with senior picture like quality.

As always, you can run, but you can't hide.

If you can help track this guy down, please call Kennewick Police at 509 628-0333. Reference case #17-27701

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