Photo by Mykel

Do you have rattlesnakes at your house? I do and a ton. It is as if they rattlesnake population is only at my house! I killed 3 Monday morning and as you can see in the photo, one yesterday! It climbed into my rabbit cage and killed my mama rabbit just out my back door! Ewwwww!I have taken care of many children in my life. Humans, cows,goats,lambs and even baby chickens.

Photo by Mykel

Baby rabbits, not so much? They are more delicate than any of these baby's. They are just like a teenager though. They only want to eat when they want and picky as hell.

It is unfortunate that they mama was killed by the evil rattlesnake. I am sure, in time, they will understand but, for now, we are there mamas!

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