In 1912 a young Adolf Hitler was an artist. He actually sold his paintings to a Jewish art dealer who believed in his work. Isn't that ironic. His painting is up for auction through April 20th and they believe they will get at least $30,000 for the piece. Are you serious?  The piece of art is actually really nice but, knowing who painted it would be enough to buy it and then just turn around and burn it. Hitler was the biggest mass murder and the original gangster that most of us will ever hear of.

Apparently, when he was young and actually nice, he tried selling his paintings to others but, they refused to buy them. I am curious if he would have been able show someone at a college, would he have turned out nice and a humanitarian?

Questions that will go forever unanswered. Apparently, bidding starts at $30,000.00! Holy crap!

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