Today I ended YouTube surfing into "Ugly Face Guy". I think most of us have been to that weird part of YouTube. You know, when you watch a video, then go to a related video, which leads to another 'related' video, and then another 'related' video...and soon you've gone from a Disturbed music video to something that is far from 'related'. I guess in this case, since the video is pretty disturbing, somehow it is related.

This dude, who goes by Guywithcrazyideas on Youtube, looks like the real life Jabba The Hut from Star Wars.

WARNING: The video below may cause night terrors for the rest of your life.

The video was actually a submission to Ed Bassmaster's Ugly Face Contest and took 3rd place. I can't even imagine the ugliness that beat out this video. Check out comedian Ed Bassmaster on YouTube.