What Youtube Channels You Should Be Following
97 Rock has its own Youtube channel. We upload new videos at least weekly. Some are pretty awesome and -- to be honest -- some suck. But as a complete package it's pretty good. Are you not currently following any Youtube channels? YOU SHOULD!!! Here are a bunch we recommend that are killer:
Thank You, Al Gore. Loving This Internet Thing!
I was talking to Christina and Alex at our front desk, and they told me I needed to look up a channel on YouTube called MostPopularGirls. THIS IS HILARIOUS!! A team of 3 people use Barbie dolls to act out scenes in which they make fun of the preppy and annoying popular girls we went to high school w…
Funny YouTube Channel You Need to Watch
I wanted to take this time to feed you a new addiction. I'm not a huge YouTube enthusiast, but I have found a channel that is absolutely hilarious, original and safe to watch with your kids.

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