Everyone's been there. You're dating a mess, only it takes you longer to see it than EVERYBODY else. Well, here are the most common red flags to watch for and don't be fooled by again:

  • They never apologize
  • They never take responsibility for their bad behavior
  • Frequently using ultimatums
  • They don't like you to hang out with your friends
  • They have no hobbies or interests other than hanging out with you (it's flattering at first but gets old fast)
  • Their mother controls their life and ambitions
  • Exaggerating how they feel about something
  • Not taking your feelings seriously
  • They call all of their exes "crazy" -- maybe they're the crazy one
  • You get kind of bored around them when nothing romantic is happening
  • If all your relationships have the same problem, then you have the red flags
  • Anything that makes you think, "I hope they grow out of that," or "I'll have to help them change that once we're married"
  • In every situation they're always the victim or someone is being mean to them
  • They're constantly suspicious (or accusing you) of cheating
  • Lying about unimportant things
  • Always feeling sorry for themselves
  • They don't respect when something's important to you
  • Vengeful
  • They act possessive (in an unnecessary way, not a cute way)
  • Frequently talking about their ex
  • He doesn't have any guy friends or she doesn't have any girlfriends
  • Women who love horses
  • Sex is a reward and withheld as a punishment
  • They text you constantly


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